Kiosses Team, February 2020

Lab Team

Primary Investigator

Dimitris Kiosses
Dimitris Kiosses , Ph.D.
  • Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Associate Attending Psychologist, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Research Focus:

Dr. Kiosses' research focuses on the development of psychosocial interventions for middle-aged and older adults with depression, suicidal ideation, chronic pain or cognitive impairment. He has developed psychosocial interventions for vulnerable patients, including patients who have been hospitalized for suicidal ideation or suicide attempt, patients with major depression and cognitive impairment, patients with negative emotions and chronic pain, and patients who have been discharged after ECT treatment. His research has been supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute on Aging, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Brain and Research Foundation, and Alzheimer's Association. 

  • Ph.D., Adelphi University, 1999
  • M.A., Adelphi University, 1994
Phone: (646) 962-2820

Lab Members

Danielle Abraham
Danielle Abraham
  • Research Assistant
  • B.S. University of Michigan
Elizabeth Arslanoglou
  • Assistant Research Coordinator
  • Wesleyan University
Rebecca Bent
Rebecca Bent , L.M.S.W
  • Counselor
  • M.S.W Fordham University
Socorro Braganca
Socorro Braganca , LMHC
  • Counselor
  • M.S. Manhattan College
  • M.A. Fordham University
Jennifer Bress
Jennifer Bress , Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Assistant Attending Psychologist, NewYork-Presbyterian
  • Ph.D. Stony Brook University
Phone: (914) 997-8683
Emily Carter
Emily Carter , BA
  • Research Assistant
Jennifer Colby , LCSW
  • Counselor
  • MSW Fordham University
  • BA University of Chicago
Teresa Ebo
Theresa Ebo
  • Research Assistant
  • M.A. Columbia University
Laurie Evans , M.S.
  • Research Coordinator
  • M.S. The College of New Rochelle
  • B.A. Georgetown University
Phone: 914 682 9100 x 1012570
Juliet Faber , L.C.S.W
  • Counselor
  • MSW CUNY Hunter College
  • M.A. King's College London
Samantha Feliz
Samantha Féliz
  • Research Assistant
  • B.A. Cornell University
Claudia Heidenreich
  • Research Assistant
  • B.A. University of Michigan
Theodora Kanellopoulos , Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Assistant Attending Psychologist, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Ph.D., City University of New York
  • M.A., Queens College, City University of New York
  • B.S., Cornell University
Phone: (914) 997-5201
Brian Liles
Brian Liles
  • Data Control Specialist
DM headshot
Dalynah Maldonado , M.S.
  • Assistant Research Coordinator
  • M.S. Teachers College, Columbia University
  • American University of Puerto Rico
Pazia Miller
Pazia Miller , MSEd
  • Counselor
  • MSEd Hunter College
  • B.A. Barnard College
Jody Monkovic , L.C.S.W-R
  • Counselor
  • M.S.W Boston University
Phone: (914) 682-9100 x 1012454
Libby Moser
  • Research Assistant
  • B.S., Tufts University
Joanna Pantelides
  • Assistant Research Coordinator
  • B.S. Pennsylvania State University
Phone: (914) 682-9100 x 1012903
Ella Perlmutter
Ella Perlmutter , BA
  • Research Assistant
Nicole Rabinowitz
Nicole Rabinowitz
  • Research Assistant
  • B.S. Cornell University
Hannah Reich
  • Research Assistant
  • Northwestern University
Amy Stern , L.C.S.W.-R
  • Counselor
  • M.S.W New York University
Phone: 914 997 8636
Alana Tairova
Alana Tairova , MPH
  • Research Assistant
Danielle Vaamonde
  • Research Assistant
  • B.A. Wesleyan University
Victoria Wilkins
Victoria Wilkins , Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Assistant Attending Psychologist, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Ph.D. Drexel University
  • M.Sc. University of Stirling (United Kingdom)
Phone: (914) 682-5411
Zilong Yu
Zilong Yu , M.S.
  • Programmer Analyst
  • M.S. Cornell University
  • B.S.B.A. University of Denver
Huaian Yu
Huaian Yu , M.A.
  • Programmer Analyst
  • M.A. Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Weill Cornell Medicine Kiosses Lab 21 Bloomingdale Road, Unit 7 South White Plains, NY 10605 Phone: (914) 682-9100 ext. 101-2570